HBAO node

The HBAO node generates a horizon based ambient occlusion texture from its input.



The HBAO node accepts a single greyscale image as input, interpreted as a heightmap.


The HBAO node outputs the generated oclusion map.


The HBAO node has the following parameters:

  • the size of the ambient occlusion map

  • the radius of affected range of point in UV size

  • the angle bias - minimum angle on heightmap for AO to occur. Angle is calculated in UV space, where depth (grayscale input) is scaled by depth scale parameter

  • the depth scale value controls cacluated normals & tangents by scaling range of values of grayscale input

  • the quality controls number of steps per direction sampling

  • the intensity of the generated ambient occlusion map


This node outputs an image that has a fixed size.

Example images