Convert from/to RGB nodes

The Convert from RGB and Convert to RGB nodes converts between RGB and another specified colorspace. The alpha channel will pass through unaffected.

_images/node_filter_convert_from_rgb.png _images/node_filter_convert_to_rgb.png


The Convert from RGB node accepts an RGBA input.

The Convert to RGB node accepts an input in the specified colorspace.


The Convert from RGB node provides an output in the specified colorspace.

The Convert to RGB node provides an RGBA output.


Both nodes have a single parameter to choose the colorspace being converted to/from. The alpha channel will be passed through unchanged in all cases.

  • RGB: Pass through the input unchanged.

  • HSV: Artist-friendly colorspace with intuitive behavior. Consists of a circular Hue channel, a linear Saturation channel, and a linear Value channel.

  • YUV: Compression-friendly colorspace with a very accurate luminance model. Consists of a linear Luma (brightness) channel and two Chroma (blueness and redness) channels.