Denoiser node

The Denoiser node performs fast spatial deNoise filter, with circular gaussian kernel.



The Denoiser node accepts one input:

  • The Source inputs is the image to be denoised.


The Denoiser node outputs the denoised image.


The Denoiser node has the following parameters:

  • the Size determines the resolution of the denoiser

  • the Standard Deviation Sigma radius

  • the kSigma is the K factor sigma coefficient:
    • kSigma = 1*sigma cover 68% of data

    • kSigma = 2*sigma cover 95% of data - but there are over 3 times more points to compute

    • kSigma = 3*sigma cover 99.7% of data - but needs more than double the calculations of 2*sigma

  • the edge Sharpening threshold

Example images