Warp Dilation node

The Warp Dilation node dilates its input image along the slope or contours of a heightmap. For each pixel, it samples the input image along that path and keeps the highest value (after the attenuation factor is applied).



The Warp Dilation node accepts two inputs:

  • The Input input is the image to be deformed.

  • The Heightmap input is a greyscale image whose slopes or contours will be used to deform the source.


The Warp Dilation node outputs the deformed image.


The Warp Dilation node has three parameters:

  • Angle, that defines the angle from the slopes along which the warp effect is performed

  • Resolution, that defined the precision of the effect

  • Distance, that defines the distance along which the effect is performed

  • Attenuation, that defines the value attenuation that is applied along the path

Example images