Multi Warp node

The Multi Warp node deforms an input image according to the derivative of the second input image. Unlike Warp node, the derivative of the second texture is sampled at each iteration producing more varied results at cost of the performance.



The Multi Warp node accepts two inputs:

  • The Source inputs is the image to be deformed.

  • The Displace input is a greyscale image whose derivative will be used to deform the source.


The Multi Warp node outputs the deformed image.


The Multi Warp node has the following parameters:

  • the Grid size determines the resolution of the operation

  • the intensity of the warp effect

  • the quality of the Multi warp calculation

  • the blend mode, that can be one of the following: Min, Blur, Max

Example images


Edge damage using “Min” blend mode.


“Blur” blend mode.