Warp node

The Warp node deforms an input image according to the derivative of the second input image.



The Warp node accepts two inputs:

  • The Source inputs is the image to be deformed.

  • The Displace input is a greyscale image whose derivative will be used to deform the source.


The Warp node outputs the deformed image.


The Warp node has three parameters:

  • mode, that defines how the warp node calculates the offset it applies. Slope offsets by a distance calculated from the slope, and Distance to top offsets by a distance calculated from the slope and the distance to the top (this mode makes it posible to make all points of a slope get their value from the top, hence generating mosaic-like patterns).

  • strength to scale the warp effect.

  • epsilon is used to evaluate the second input’s derivative

Example images