CustomUV node

The CustomUV node deforms an input image according to a custom UV map given as input.



The CustomUV node accepts two inputs:

  • The Source inputs is the image to be deformed.

  • The UV input is a color image whose red and green channels are used as U and V (X and Y in texture space) coordinates, and the blue channel holds a value to be used for pseudo-random scale and rotate transforms.


The CustomUV node outputs the deformed image.


The CustomUV node accepts the following parameters:

  • Inputs is the number of alternate shapes in the input (1, 4 or 16). Images containing several shapes can easily be created using the Tile2x2 node.

  • Scale X and Scale Y are the scale along X and Y axes applied to each instance.

  • Rnd Rotate is the maximum angle of the random rotation applied to each instance.

  • Rnd Scale is the amount of random scaling applied to each instance.

  • Variations: if checked, the node will deform different variations of its input (i.e. roll a different seed for each instance)