Scratches node

The Scratches node outputs a fibers pattern, that can be used for scratches on any material or messy fibers.

It is inspired from a the Fuzzy scratches shadertoy from Daedalus (



The Scratches node does not accept any input.


The Scratches node generates a single greyscale output texture.


The Scratches node accepts the following parameters:

  • the Length parameter defines the length of a fiber in the output texture. The number of scratches grows exponentially with the inverse of this length.

  • the Width parameter defines the width of each fiber.

  • Layers is the number of layers of the effect. The number of scratches grows linearly with the number of layers.

  • Waviness can be tweaked to draw straight or curved scratches.

  • Angle is the average angle of the scratches.

  • Randomness is applied to the scratches angles.

Example images