Voronoi noise node

The Voronoi noise node outputs Voronoi noise textures that can be used for irregular tiles, animal skin or scales, cracks…



The Voronoi noise node does not accept any input.


The Voronoi noise node provides three outputs:

  • a greyscale Voronoi noise texture that shows the distance to the feature points.

  • a greyscale texture that shows the distance to the closest segment bisector of all feature points pairs.

  • a color Voronoi partition.


The Voronoi noise node accepts the following parameters:

  • Scale X and Scale Y define the number of feature points that define the noise.

  • Stretch X and Stretch Y are applied to the distance functions.

  • Intensity is a factor applied to the first output of the node.

  • Randomness defines the location of feature points.

Example images