Iterate Buffer node

The Iterate Buffer node samples its input into a texture of a given resolution, applies a “loop subgraph” several times and outputs the result.

Iterate buffers are used to apply a transform or filter several times to an input image and can thus be used to implement filters that require multiple passes.



The Iterate Buffer node has an initialization input that provides the base image, and a loop input that provides the image transformed by a single pass.


The Iterate Buffer node has 2 outputs:

  • the first output is the main output that provides the final result

  • the second output is the loop output that provides the image for each iteration


The Iterate Buffer node has two parameters:

  • the texture resolution

  • the autostop property; if set, the Iterate buffer will automatically stop if the iteration does not change the buffer contents

  • the number of iterations for the loop

  • the filter property; if set, the buffer output will be filtered

  • the mipmap property; if set, mipmaps will be generated for this buffer