Pattern node

The Pattern node outputs a 3D pattern texture generated from common waveform shapes.



The Pattern node does not accept any input.


The Pattern node provides a greyscale 3D texture obtained by mixing a pattern on each X, Y and Z axes.

Many different patterns can be created using this node, do not hesitate to experiment.


The Pattern node accepts the following parameters:

  • the X, Y and Z parameters define the pattern and their number of repetitions that will be propagated along the X, Y and Y axes. The following patterns are available:

    • Sine: the value follows a sinus waveform

    • Triangle: the value follows a triangle waveform (changes linearly from 0 to 1 and from 1 to 0)

    • Square: the value follows a square waveform (stays constant at 0, then 1)

    • Sawtooth: the value follows a sawtooth waveform (changes linearly from 0 to 1, then jumps back to 0)

    • Constant: the value is 1

    • Bounce: the value follows a half-circle waveform

  • the Combiner parameter is the function used to combine the X, Y and Z patterns. The available functions are multiply, add, max, min, xor and pow

Example images