Blend node

The Blend node blends 3D texture two inputs using an optional opacity. It performs a blend operation defined by the blend mode between both inputs, and mixes the result with the bottom input using the opacity (defines by the opacity parameter, or the optional greyscale input).



The Blend node accepts three inputs:

  • The first input is the top layer.

  • The second input is the bottom layer.

  • The third input is an optional mask that will be use instead of the opacity parameter.


The Blend node outputs the result of the blend operation.


The Blend node has two parameters:

  • The blend mode, that can be one of the following: Normal, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Hard Light, Soft Light, Burn, Dodge, Lighten, Darken, Difference.

  • The opacity used when mixing the result of the blend operation with the bottom input when the corresponding input is not connected. When connected, the opacity channel is converted to greyscale and multiplied with that parameter.

Example images